The difference between a client and a model...

Due to the sensitive nature of boudoir/intimate/glamour photography, Lovelines does not share any client images without expressed written permission. Most clients are not willing to share their intimate photos outside of the privacy of their own relationship. As such, we often work with models to demonstrate the kind of photography we do. We like to shoot regularly and show work that is current and fresh.

As a photographer who often works in Trade* arrangements with models, (often perceived as “free” photo sessions) it is not surprising that I often get contacted by people who are confused about what it means to work as a model for a photographer. They think… its a free photoshoot.. but don’t think about the processes that go into a photo session, or the many different variables that differentiate between a model and a client. It is my hope that this article will help clear up any misconceptions, and help you make a decision that is right for you.

Who has creative control?

We will start out right away with the big one. When I work with Clients… THEY are the ones who dictate where the shoot goes, how much nudity or sexy content we will be looking for. The Client is the boss.. because my job is to serve them. Its all about creating images that they will love… while I give creative guidance the ultimate decision is left to the Client.

Alternatively… when I work with a model. It is a project that has some inspiration or creative direction that I’ve already decided on, and choose my model based on that criteria. While my work with models is a bit of a collaboration, ultimately the theme or creative control of the shoot is primarily my decision. If for some reason a model decides they aren’t capable of giving us the level of nudity or level of sexy the project demands, the session may be in jeopardy of being terminated, and the likelihood that model will be selected again in the future will be highly unlikely.

So if you want creative control of your session, you will need to book me for a session as a customer. If you want to do something sexy and fun and want me to direct you… we might be work something out.

When will we shoot?

I have a very busy life… between social life, work life, publishing a magazine, and putting content together, I really have very limited time or brain power for doing Trade work. When I do, I typically have something very specific I want to do, that may or may not include you. (I have an extensive list of people who want to model for me)

It’s almost a case of when the planets will align to determine when you’ll get the call. If you’re just looking for a fun shoot.. and don’t really care when it happens… and have the patience to wait… then being a trade model for LoveLines is a good choice.

If you’re looking for certain photos for a certain time, and need them last week… you will want to book a session as a customer.

Expectation of Privacy

As a client your privacy is our primary concern. We provide a service where ultimate discretion is required. We NEVER share our work with clients without obtaining permission first.

It is an entirely different story with models. We don’t just work with models for fun… we work with models to obtain images that we can share to promote the work I do. I’m in the business of marketing myself,  any work I do is going to be promoted to the maximum I can possibly use it, because its work I’m proud of… it shows the kind of work I do… and it helps sell my business…
There is never an expectation of privacy given the models. It goes against the entire premise of modeling for Lovelines. The only exception being the use of a pseudonym (stage name). Faces or other identifying marks are never obscured as it would detract from the creative beauty of the image.

If privacy is at all a concern to you, you will definitely want to stick to the client side, and book us for a private client session.

Want ALL of the photos?

Typically when I do a creative shoot with a model, it is a time consuming process for which there is no financial gain. As such, I only edit the images we will use for whatever the project demands. Because a solid 75-80% of the images we take will be either redundant or not edit worthy… I tend to not release any creative images that are unedited. There’s no point, and makes it way too likely that the mainstream market will be flooded with images that don’t well represent my finished work.

I have processes in place that let the model “see” the unedited images without being able to actually acquire them… so if they want to review for the purpose of learning what poses do and do not work, or maybe they want to hunt for something more .. they have that option. If they find an image they have a strong desire for, it is something we can discuss, and usually negotiate an agreement that normally requires the model pay an additional edit charge.

If you want access to ALL of your images, you will need to book a session as a customer. If you want a fun free session and can accept that you’ll only get the best photos that are edited and ready to share, and meet the other criteria mentioned… then modeling might be right for you!

Photographers Preference

Let’s face it… as much as I believe in body positivity, and the fact that I can photograph just about anyone and depict them in a beautiful manner, some people will require more effort than others, and some (such as myself) probably aren’t really suited to represent my work, or my business unless I’m looking for something specific to their body type.

So just because you want to be a model and/or you want a (free) trade photo session, doesn’t mean that I have an immediate need to work with you. Unless I’m working on a project, I typically only do one “trade” shoot per month, if that… and there is a diverse crowd of people in the queue for me to work with. Months might go by before I choose you, if at all… if you’re willing to wait for that opportunity… that is up to you.

If you’re wanting to model for fun or for hire and are looking to build your portfolio and don’t want to wait for a “trade” opportunity, you always have the option of hiring me for a session. This moves you to the front of the list, gives you all of the control, and priority.

The reality is... I’m picky about whom I choose to model for me. There are a lot of different criteria that go into the decision, conventional beauty is only a very small part of the decision. Attitude is everything... I want people who are excited for the opportunity, who feel good about what we're doing, are actively interested in the creative process, have body awareness, trustworthiness, sexiness…and a willingness to help promote… are all factors as well. While some of my models might surprise you based on appearance alone… not everyone is cut out to model for us.

*All Model Sessions are on a Trade Basis

What does that mean specifically? It means no money exchanges hands. It means I'm paying you in images that you can use for just about any purpose. I have a very liberal trade agreement that allows you to use your photos to promote yourself, sell them, enter in contests etc.  You are paying me in the release you sign that allows me to do the same.  Our agreement is permanent and binding.  I have a specific need for models who are everyday people, girl next door types. As such, I rarely work with professional models, and prefer working with people who tend to enjoy the process.  As such.. I do not hire paid models ever.  No offense if you're a pro... I respect what you do, but I have no budget to pay anyone. 

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