How Do I Access My Photos?

We deliver all photo products via a private hosted online album. Your album is not indexed… which means it is not searchable via search engines.
Due to issues many of my clients experienced with their Smugmug log-ins, we are migrating to password protected folders for everyone effective July 23, 2020.

How to access your Secured Private Folder

My site is organized by Client Folders and Client Albums. Your client albums are nested within your password protected client folder. This will allow me to create a new album for each encounter we have so that they will be neatly organized for you. In order to access your Client Folder you will need a link and password. You will need to contact us for this information. We will then convert your folder over to the new system, and send you a link. We will generate a random password... you will need to put this in a safe place for your reference... or provide us with a password that you will remember. There is no way to recover your password, or change it once it is applied without going through us. Likewise, you will want to save the email we send you with your link and password, or bookmark the link as our Client Portal link on our site no longer works with the new system.                                           

*If you were a client previously, and wish to regain access to your photos, please contact me using the mail form at the bottom of this page.

While the albums within your Secured Private Folder are hosted on my SmugMug Pro account, you are not required to buy anything to get access to your photos. The rest of this page will instruct you on how you can obtain copies of your photos without paying, however, I use Bay Photo as my photolab, and they offer some pretty amazing products. I have very little markup (just enough to cover my cost) so my pricing is very competitive with what other photographers offer. I would invite you to take a look around and see what there is available.

*Note… we do not use your registration information for any purpose and we do not share it with anyone for any reason.

How to get copies of your images

How you will get copies your photos depends on a few variables depending on the type of client you are and the settings I’ve established in your album. In most cases, your album will be set with Right Click turned on, and downloads turned off. Please do not screenshot your photos… this is messy, and the lowest quality you could possibly get. There is a better way to get higher resolution images and in most cases you do NOT have to pay additional money for them.

Open your album in your browser. When your album opens you are in gallery view. You will be able to see all of the images in your gallery. On a full browser the screen will continue to load continuously as you scroll. On a mobile browser you will be able to view 20 or so images then you will see a nav-bar to jump to the next page. When you see an image you would like to obtain… click on it or tap on it to open it “single image view” in your browser.

Saving a copy of your image with my watermark

Again.. please do not screenshot… its awful quality and it shows all of the extraneous parts of your screen. It really is awful. You should be able at this point to right click on your mouse and save to your computer (on a pc) or Command click (on a Mac). If you’re on mobile you can long tap (hold your finger on the image for a couple of seconds) and a menu will open allowing you to save the image to your device. (May be different on apple devices and varies from device to device) Some mobile browsers (such as chrome) have a menu in the upper right hand corner (look for three vertical dots) when you’re viewing an image in single image mode that has an option to “download image” or “save image”. This will copy the image exactly as it appears on your screen…including any watermarks. 

Note that Photobooth Albums do not have watermarks. For your convenience, images are uploaded both with and without the party overlay graphic. 

*Pro tip - Photographers love it when you share images on social media that retain their watermarks so people will know who shot your beautiful photos. 


What if I want a copy without the watermark on it?

That will depend on what type of client you are because it varies from situation to situation and package to package. In most cases Free Downloads are turned off. You can tell by looking at the lower right corner of the image… if you see an icon that looks like a downward pointing arrow, it means downloads are turned on. You can tap that icon and download a full resolution copy of the image directly to your device. Watermarks are stripped from downloaded images.

If you do not see the download icon, free downloads are probably turned off. You will have to resort to what you can get via the method described above in the Copy an image section, or you will need to purchase a digital download of the image you desire. Watermarks are removed from all purchased images and prints.

What can I do with my images?

Literally anything you like. You hired me to take your photos, they are yours to do with as you please. You can make prints of them**,  you can post them online, on social media networks, use them in a modeling portfolio… they are yours to do with as you please. If you wish to tag us on social media, (and we love it when you do) you can tag Lovelines Photo or @Lovelines or #Lovelines

**Most vendors will require a signed print release from the photographer before printing… especially with images that have watermarks. When you purchase a download it comes with print licensing. We cannot send out individual print releases for images that are saved or captured from your gallery. We cannot guarantee quality on images that are unedited or that are obtained from anywhere other than my proscribed photo lab. 

Do you publish my images anywhere?

Without your permission??? NEVER! We will never use a clients images without expressed written permission. The images you see on this website, and on our social media presences are released for promotion by the clients depicted in them, or were shot with models for the purpose of promoting my work. 

The only place we post them online is in your private album, and then we post them and forget them. They are your images, not ours.

Title 18 Article 2267 Statement

Our Artistic work is always shot with models, and only after proper agreements, and documentation including age verification documents are obtained.  We never work with minors for model work or sensual boudoir photoshoots whether private or for model shoots. We require age verification documentation for verification purposes and maintain them on file for review upon request by proper authorities. 

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