Copyright Information

At Lovelines we value our customers experience and want to respect their need to obtain their best value while also providing a superior product. As such we grant limited print license for every digital image we release to our customers.

Clients, by virtue of possession of images to which Lovelines or LoveTribeMedia own copyright, may obtain prints at any retail vendor up to 200 square inches in unlimited quantities.

For prints larger than 200 square inches, we want to ensure the best possible quality, so we require that all prints in excess of 200 square inches be ordered directly from your client album.

Lovelines Photobooth clients fall under this same limited license and may obtain prints at any retail vendor as well, in unlimited quantities in sizes not to exceed 200 square inches.

This page should serve as notice to any retail vendors, further inquiry can be directed to Michael at 360-431-2636

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